of Westchester

BeadsWest has closed.

Beads of Westchester closed on March 18, 2014

This was announced almost 5 months ago, and many emails were sent,
so don't be surprised.  The building was sold and will be demolished.

We decided not to move (although we found a great location),
and simply decided to retire instead. Nobody else was interested
in buying the inventory and continuing BeadsWest.

Click here to go to the old BeadsWest website, even though the store has closed..."

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Some Reflections...

We kept BeadsWest fully stocked in to March so didn't have to worry about our inventory getting "thin." Then we began winding down in March, 2014.
Several customers have asked about moving to a new location. Well, we did identify another available property that I think would be a very successful location (it even has better parking!). If someone else wanted to buy BeadsWest, I would recommend they move to the location we found. For me, however, it's time to retire.
We closed our Rhode Island store in 2010 (Beads of Providence) after 20 years serving that community. It was just too hard for me to own a store that far away from White Plains, and closing it gave me more time (and energy) to devote to BeadsWest.
So while it is sad to say goodbye to Beads of Westchester, for me it is the right thing to do at this time.

Here is the letter I sent on November 8th, 2013:

And some responses:


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